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Social & Communication Development Programme

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Abundant Bricks combines LEGO®-based therapy with other educational and coaching tools, to encourage children to develop their social and communication skills. 


Having worked with many children in education and therapy settings that struggled with social interaction and communication, I was keen to explore more ways that I  could support more children with additional social and emotional needs, and researched LEGO®-based therapy extensively before deciding to complete my in-depth training with an accredited organisation that is recognised globally and trains people from all over the world. Aware of the limited services available to children with SEND needs, or who have additional emotional and social needs, I was keen to create my own programmes to cater for more children and their families. 


LEGO®-based therapy is a social development programme initially developed for young people with autism spectrum disorders, including ADD and ADHD, as well as those with social communication difficulties.

Abundant Bricks can be used to encourage young people of all ages to work together and foster positive relationships. Abundant Bricks combines teaching tools, therapy tools and LEGO®-based therapy to support children's well-being. Individual and group sessions offer children of all ages and abilities the chance to engage with a range of brick based activities to develop their social and communication skills, whilst supporting emotional well-being. 





Kinaesthetic learning

Social development 

Whether working with children on an individual basis in individual therapy at my practice based in Medway, Kent or delivering workshops, family classes, or training in schools and Early Years settings, Abundance TEC aims to support each child in developing their social and communication skills, whilst supporting emotional wellbeing in a fun and nurturing way. 

In addition to the brick based therapy programmes and workshops and training, Abndance TEC offers one-to-one sessions for children and adults combining hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, coaching and teaching tools. Clients work with me to become well-versed at handling issues whenever and wherever they arise. I work with clients to help them find their coping mechanisms and tools to manage a range of habits and issues including but not limited to: anxiety, anger, bad habits, building positive relationships, children’s issues, confidence, control issues, exam stress, fussy eating, fears, friendship issues, focus, motivation, overcoming changes in family dynamics, overthinking, panic attacks, phobias, PTSD, relationships, school difficulties, self-esteem, social anxiety, stress, trauma, worry (irrational or persistent), and more. I also offer professional training for organisations on all issues outlined, as well as workshops on discovering personality types in relation to management and growth of all stakeholders in each organisation. To discover more please look at the Education and Training section of the website. 

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