Slim Via Hypnosis (SVH)

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Ready to get healthier? Struggling with body confidence? Always “dieting”? Turning to food for comfort? Not sure why no change in diet works? Want to understand your eating habits? Want to change your eating and exercising habits?

I now offer the amazing,  Slim Via Hypnosis hypnotherapy programme that has been proven to effectively support weight-loss. This four-part programme has been clinically designed to help clients in being healthier, fitter and achieving their body goals. 

The 4-part programme will enable you to:

✅ Change your mindset around food and exercise

✅ Set realistic goals and work towards achieving them in ways you haven't previously

✅ Understand your existing eating habits and how to create new ones

✅ Explore the relationship between eating and emotions

✅ Address eating behaviours and underlying causes

✅ Change your cognitive thought processes towards 'dieting'

You will get:

✅ FOUR one-to-one therapy sessions with me (1 x 90 mins and 3 x 60 mins)

✅ Hypnotic recordings yo listen to in-between sessions


✅Educational materials to help you implement habits for a healthy lifestyle in-between sessions

✅ Online support in-between sessions

✅ Sessions will take place online, via Zoom, so from the comfort of your own home/office.


Be the change you wish to see.

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