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Self Care Sunday Series January 2021

With guest blogger, talented business woman, empowering coach and super Mummy Faye Hunt.

I think as women we often feel we aren’t doing enough, giving enough, helping enough or being enough.

We have a lot to juggle and I believe in many ways we live in a time where it’s trickier than ever for women. We are expected to be it all and have it all and quite often many things have to ‘give’.

We have to be a great partner

Look amazing

Be the most nurturing mother

Have an amazing career

Be the best friend

All whilst keeping a pristine house

How can we juggle that all, give our all, all the time? No, it’s not realistic , no wonder so many of us suffer burn out.

I think we need to cut ourselves a little slack , it’s impossible to have it all covered all the time (or at all).

And you know what, that’s ok - we aren’t super human, we aren’t super heroes and we will suffer and that can present itself in a variety of ways which are not healthy for us or our mental and physical well being.

We can start feeling bitter, resentful, frustrated, guilty and much more ...

I have found myself becoming a cheerleader for women (and men). It has become my mission to empower people and it gives me joy and purpose.

I can emphasise with women, one I am a woman and I have been guilty of “give, give, give" and ended up feeling very disappointed that my efforts seemed to be never be enough and taken for granted. When it’s who you are and what you do, it’s expected.

That is just exhausting and ultimately the person judging you, is you , we are beating ourselves up about everything with these huge expectations we have placed on ourselves based on a female ideal that society has created, is quite frankly, very difficult to uphold.

I help women by being a cheerleader, by showing up as my messy and imperfect self , by being open , honest and vulnerable, allowing myself and then hoping giving others the confidence to make mistakes to admit it’s hard, to be real in sharing and showing that females are allowed to just “be”.

You want to be ambitious - you go for it

You want to chill the hell out - then do so

You want to be home with the babies - enjoy them

You want to be sexy - you go girl

You want to work out and get buff - fair play

Exercise isn’t your bag , fine but try to look after your health in other ways

You want to take over the world - it’s yours ,take it

You want a quiet non eventful life - enjoy the peace

Whatever you want , whoever you want to be - just do it! Your bravery is what causes people to be judgemental ... don’t fear what others think - the truth is they fear never having what you have or who you are free to be! Entirely you! Without apology! They only wish they could step up and be more!

In business I help people with their health. So it goes hand in hand with all the other things I try to enhance and encourage females (and males) in general.

Health begins inside and shows on the outside.

My back ground before having children is health and wellness. I worked as a fitness instructor, personal trainer, sports massage and remedial therapist and neuromuscular therapist - and I eventually was invited to teach at the college where I had studied. I loved my job and the whole ‘helping people look and feel better’ was a perfect fit for me. As well as the science behind it all. And it still is.

Helping people in small (and sometimes huge ways) feel better can have a huge over all impact on them, their health and their mental well being too . It often leads to big changes in other areas in their lives, ie relationships and career wise too .

Good nutrition through supplementation can be incredible and life changing, I work with the best products in the world and they work - they have changed my families lives and enabled them to be happy , healthy and pain free. A life we could only dream of a few short years ago.

I feel blessed to have a job where I can help people earn an extra income or replace their incomes by improving their own health and helping others with theirs? Enabling them to do this in their own time, without sacrifice to the important things in their lives too, their way and the freedom to do this anywhere. Could there be a better thing to do?

This has given me great confidence too . It feels wonderful to be free to be myself, have fun, use my energy and energise others. Be good, do good and have a business which helps me support my family. To be genuine and authentic and thrive in that place is a true blessing.

I have made it my mission to help as many people as I can, and do it with passion and have fun with everyone I meet along the way. If I have not met you yet, make sure you say hello - my world has become enhanced by all the connections and friendships I have made along the way and there’s always room for more!

Faye Hunt

Living The Dream Forever - Forever Business Owner

As we are now in Lockdown 3, self-care and support is more important than ever, so we wanted to reintroduce self-care Sunday Blog Series and will aim to share one every month. Over the next few months Abundance TEC will be featuring guest bloggers on our website and social media platforms to support Self-Care Sunday. The aim is to raise awareness as to why self-care is so important and to highlight a variety of ways you can implement self-care into your everyday routine to support positive mental health and well-being. These inspiring business owners and bloggers will be providing their own version of what self-care means to them and why they do what they do to look after themselves. Thank you to the beautiful, business-savvy, intelligent and kind Faye for sharing her self-care tips, journey and passion this week. #selfcaresunday #selfcare #selflove #self #prioritising #sundayvibes #selfworth #selfbelief #empowerment #comingtogether #communication #blogger #bloggers #blog #guestblogger #foreverliving #hostingfaye #kentmums #womensupportingwomen #confidence #empower #collaborate #mumsinbusiness

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