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The Power of Visualisation

Visualisation refers to the formation of a mental image of something. Visualisation is extremely powerful and an important part of successful hypnotherapy and psychotherapy. The more an individual allows themselves to visualise their personal desires the more likely the change they desire will happen. When a client says “I cannot visualise” I ask them as their therapist to recall and describe an event-perhaps their happiest memory, a birthday or what they did that morning. This provides reassurance that we all have the ability to visualise. If I were to ask you, the reader to visualise a beach, the majority of you would be able to instantaneously visualise a beach setting, whether you are recalling a real beach you have been to, one from television or even a cartoon version of a beach. The more senses you use during visualisation, the easier it is to visualise your goals and take action to achieve them.

To elaborate on this, I would share a personal experience of the power of visualisation and link to positive affirmations by providing a real-life examples and reassurance of the process. This would be along the lines of the following. Many years ago, I created my first vision board. This was at a time when I really needed to stay focused on what the goals were in the long run. I wasn’t loving what I was doing at that time and needed to focus on the idea of it being a process to get me to the next stage of where I wanted to be. That vision board really helped and from that point forward I decided each year to start with a vision for that year. I have been doing this for many years. Included in my vision board without getting too personal are a range of goals including health, happiness, wealth and an abundance of everything that I believe enhances my life. This does not refer to material things although they sometimes may be included but this refers to a whole array of goals for that year. Each year I tick off what I have accomplished that year and I can visualise the next set of goals and take action to achieve them.

If you would like support in creating your own vision board, or achieving your goals then get in touch today to book your first coaching session!


This is written with an intention to explain in brief the power of visualisation. I am by no means saying this is what everyone needs to do. Please note you must take action alongside vision to achieve your goals. I recognise everyone's circumstances, feelings and emotions are unique . I continue to offer online clinical hypnotherapy, education and coaching for individuals during this time, with a waiting list for face-to-face therapy, once this restrictions in relation to Covid19 are lifted, and this form of therapy can resume.

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