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Why should we deal with repressed emotions?

Repressed emotions can cause psychological, emotional, social and physical symptoms if left unchallenged, unexamined and not released. These emotions can destroy relationships, cause psychological and cognitive difficulties and even physical illnesses. Without addressing such emotions fully, an individual may get stay stuck in a cycle. A common phrase used in therapy is “we repeat what we don’t repair”. Individuals must fully release repressed emotions, to heal and repair the deeper emotional trauma, enabling them to move forward in their life. Repressed emotions refer to emotions that individuals have not processed. In an attempt to overcome these emotions, they may have developed coping mechanisms, such as avoidance, to enable them to continue to live their life. Some people may even have a form of 'secondary gain' and therefore not deal with the underlying cause of their issue, in fear this gain may be lost. Emile Durkheim, founding father of Functionalism, argues that humans are intrinsically selfish, but develop a value consensus through the process of socialisation. To avoid our own selfish needs, humans often distract themselves to be able to cope with everyday life. If we apply this theory, we might be able to suggest that humans develop coping mechanisms to fulfil not their own needs, but others, to enable them to function within society. Common repressed emotions include: anger, sadness, guilt, shame, and grief. Due to wanting to please others and feel part of a consensus, individuals may fear judgement from others about their emotions, so suppress them, and even find alternative coping mechanisms, to avoid judgement. Hypnotherapy and psychotherapy supports clients in being able to develop their own understanding about why they feel what they feel, and deal with the root cause of the problem, lying within the subconscious mind. This enables clients to release the repressed emotions without judgement from others, so they can move forward with their life in a positive way.


This is written with an intention to explain why repressed emotions should be dealt with. I am by no means saying this is what everyone is experiencing or must do to overcome their feelings, concerns or issues that they present. I recognise everyone's circumstances, feelings and emotions are unique . I continue to offer online clinical hypnotherapy, education and coaching for individuals during this time, with a waiting list for face-to-face therapy, once this can resume.

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